IMG 2215Here at Hoffman’s when our wood speaks, we listen!  We want to give our customers what they are dreaming of, this is where Jeff and the crew help bring each piece to life.  Now in order to do this sometimes it takes a well trained ear and as you can see the crew found Jeff doing just that! Actually his phone is laying on that piece of wood and his hands are full of glazing gel. 


All kidding aside,  just because Jeff is in the shop working doesn’t mean he’s stuck behind the desk.  Part of his job is getting out into the shop for some quality wood working time.  Below he is distressing two 22 ft. beams for a customer up in Finland, MN.  So what would you like the wood to say to you?  Stop on in and see what we’re creating, we may just be the shop you’ve been looking for!

shapeimage 3

shapeimage 4